“There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.”
— Jim Henson
“There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.”
— Irving Stone, Clarence Darrow for the Defense
“When I went in to have a triple bypass, I intentionally left a book half read on my nightstand. My family got the message: that I would be fine and home soon, because I would never leave a book unfinished.”
— Susan Holm, commenting on Humans of New York
“In my heart, I will always be a Canuck.”
— Gino Odjick
“Right or wrong, everybody’s got rights.”
— Mac Taylor, CSI NY
“When things go wrong, another man can tell you that everything is going to be okay. But not like a woman can.”
This guy, to Humans of New York
“Many among us had experienced the evils of war many times, and I was asking myself what I was created for. The internal voice used to tell me, ‘It is not fair to avenge your beloved one.’ It took time, but in the end we realized that we are all Rwandans. The genocide was due to bad governance that set neighbours, brothers and sisters against one another. Now you accept and you forgive. The person you have forgiven becomes a good neighbour.”

Cesarie Mukabutera, Rwandan genocide survivor, on forgiveness

For more, see the New York Times Magazine here.

“It is not only politicians or scientists who can change the world, but also artists. They’ve always been doing it. There are no limits to our ambitions, other than those we impose upon ourselves and those that others impose upon us. In short, I think everything is possible for those who dream, who dare, who work and who never give up.”

Xavier Dolan, accepting the 2014 Cannes Jury Prize

Ce ne sont pas que les hommes politiques et les scientifiques qui peuvent changer le monde, mais aussi les artistes. Ils le font depuis toujours. Il n’y a pas de limite à notre ambition à part celles que nous nous donnons et celles que les autres nous donnent. En bref, je pense que tout est possible à qui rêve, ose, travaille et n’abandonne jamais. 

“You seem pretty smart, you got a sports coat.”
— Troy, Community S01E01